Thursday, August 16, 2007

Knitting at the Dome

Last night, my friend Jen and I ventured down to join in with a few hundred knitters in watching a Jays game.

Jen at Stitch and Pitch

It was what I think was Toronto's first Stitch and Pitch, and it was a great turnout.

Knitting at the ball game

We bought our tickets at the last minute, so we missed out on the tote bags, because they ran out. I hear they weren't all that impressive, so I'm not heartbroken.

Like any event full of needles and yarn and the people who use them, it was a lot of fun. I think our section was just about the most tightly packed area in the Skydome (I know that's not the 'real' name anymore, but it's the better name). It was a lovely evening, and the dome was open, letting us occasionally get a breath of the night breeze. We chatted with the people around us, and spent most of the game untangling an unfortunate jumble of TLC cotton plus.

Stitch and Pitch TO Knitters

We even had a celebrity sighting. We were sitting beside Stephanie's family, though I was too chicken to say 'hi' to her or Juno. I also thought it might seem a bit stalkerish.

(Oh, the Jays won - I asked.)

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kmkat said...

I love it that you had to ask who won :)