Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fall Cleanout

The past couple of days have been unseasonably cool round these parts. Mid-August should not require a coat, or warm socks of an evening. But I have to admit that I’m kind of happy to see the seasons change. And then I feel guilty for feeling that way, because summer in this city is so fleeting, and I should be grateful for every hot, sunny day. I’m so conflicted!

But I can’t help but feel a little thrill when I catch the scent of autumn in the air – that earthy, almost smoky tang of leaf litter and cool air.

It might be partly due to the changing of the seasons, and it’s definitely partly due to the purging happening at Erika’s place (“up” at Erika’s? let me check the map – yes, I believe “up” is probably correct) but I've been inspired to do a bit of stuff-purging.

First on the list was my pile of textbooks. When I graduated from Biological Engineering seven years ago, I didn't even entertain the notion of selling my texts. I might NEED them! You never know when someone might ask me to calculate the unit operations required to prepare a dried potato product, or to determine the type of pump best suited to pump a slurry of biomass across a production plant at a 15 degree incline while maintaining a steady laminar flow to feed a continuous bioreactor.

It never came up after all.

So the time has come to say goodbye to this little group of steadfast friends.


Some are easier to trash than others - I shall shed no tears to see the Diff-E-Qs text hit the book sale table at the Scouts fundraiser, and circuit analysis only narrowly avoided ritual sacrifice. But I can't bring myself to get rid of my Microbiology text quite yet (loved that course), and the Food Science text might somehow find its way off that pile before the whole shebang is hauled off.

Next up is the 'stuff'. And knitting content!


Yosemite said...

I know what you mean about changing of the season. Don't get me wrong, I love summer. I just have a difficult time dealing with the HHH days. I love the colours of autumn but I also find it depressing because of the long winter ahead. By mid January I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Funny eh?

LadyLungDoc said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I plan to knit a drop stitch lace scarf with the purple Parisienne, and the red will probably be used to knit a Purl scarf - the only problem is that I have some red/purple/blue Boku that would go well with it, as well as some red malabrigo that would go well with it, and I can't decide which worsted yarn to use! I gave serious consideration to buying 2 skeins of the red for that very reason!!

evilsciencechick said...

wow. you're pitching the "Voet & Voet?"

That's harsh.

Chelle said...

Oh my about I studied Food Science at Guelph for a brief time! If you are going to get rid of those texts, please let me know...I'd love to give them a good home and would certainly be amenable to liberal visitation rights.

-R- said...

I love the way you described the scent of Fall.

I still have a few textbooks that I should probably get rid of, but I don't know what to do with them!

Fleecy said...

How funny, I'm pulling all my books from storage to clutter up my house and your getting rid of yours? One of these days I will part with my textbooks..but not yet.