Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Blogs... They are too much!

I had an initial goal of getting my unread items in Google Reader down to below "100+", so that an actual number would show up there, making me feel like I am making progress, rather than participating in a ridiculous, trivial, Sisyphean task. But it has now been literally hours, both yesterday and today, and I have yet to reach that magical point that will make me feel less like some kind of laptop barnacle.

This has made me realise that I really need to prune back my feeds. What was supposed to be only an amusing and occasional diversion has now become a time-sucking chore in many ways, and that's just not fun. Nor is it fair to not only myself, but also to the people whose blogs I read. I hate the feeling that results from skimming past stories of people's lives, full of triumphs and tragedies, and pictures of their worlds because I just want to get through it.

Cottage update and pictures tomorrow, when the lassitude brought on by warm air and late mornings has started to dissipate. And when I get that number down a bit.


evilsciencechick said...

I see no pictures! Booo!

I know what you mean about the feeds. Sometimes I think bloglines is out to get me. As soon as I think OK! I am done reading, now I can go do something productive...ohhh...shoot. 3 people just updated.

Janelle said...

I'm with you, too. I went on a weekend away and came back to more than 1000 unread updates. There are some non-knitting blogs that update all day long and that drives the numbers up fast, but still. Overwhelming. I fully admit that at times like that I just click and do the briefest of scans before clicking to the next one, just to get caught up again. I have been trying to weed out the ones I don't get that much out of, but it's difficult.

Fleecy said...

Ah, google reader has become the bane of my existence! I have had to trim my feeds twice now since I started using it. It's so addictive though. Oh, I think your blog is gorgeous-and I stumbled through here from Ravelry!