Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Reveller for Ravelry

I was thoroughly geeked-out and very fan-girl when I got home and opened my email on Monday. I got my Ravelry invite! This thing is as fun and interesting as promised, and my addiction is developing nicely.

I'm loving that this is the organisational tool I never knew I wished I had. I'm having fun going back through old blog entries and picture files. I've done a lot more knitting than I thought I had. And now I get to have all the pictures and pattern and yarn details in one place. And I can see everyone else who knitted that same thing, and how they chose to change it and make it their own. Another favourite feature is the needle inventory. I keep buying the same sizes because - I don't know - I like the number 4.5?

Excuse me while I go add a few more pictures. I highly recommend Ravelry, if you don't mind a waiting list. Look me up. I'll be there a lot.

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