Monday, January 22, 2007

Running in Circles

I made a couple more hats while in Windsor, out of fun fur and acrylic yarns that my mum picked out. She was feeling in need of some colour, and chose bright, multicoloured yarns that I never would have picked out for her, and there's lots of it left. I have many more hats to come.

On Sunday, I just couldn't face another circle, another hat. I picked out a fun little novelty yarn called Pooch, in browns and blues, and cast on. Then ripped out when the little built-in bobbles caused confusion when I tried to do some drop stitches. Then cast on again. Then ripped out again when I noticed a dropped stitch several rows back, caught in the tangle of bumps and strands. And ripped back again. I finally stuck with straight garter stitch, ten stitches across, and knit until it was done, which was by the end of the evening.

I do like how it turned out - just a cute, silly little scarf. But even though I'd finally gotten a change, a break from the round knitting, I was feeling a different kind of craving - a craving for luxury, for a chance to have something other than squeaky, lumpy, furry acrylics and novelties.

Ah, just the thing.

This yarn is so lovely and soft, I don't even mind that I'm back to knitting in circles.



Anonymous said...

I am totally coveting that scarf, Kirstie. I love it!! And the next yarn looks BEAUTIFUL!! Your mom is going to be awfully stylish :)

Rachel said...

Could it be? A hat...with EARS?

Glad the fun yarn is helping some. :)

Vaedri said...

It's gorgeous yarn! I love it to bits. This will be the Official Kitty62 hat, complete with little ears. ;) I may have to pick up some more of this for myself.

denny Mcmillan said...

hey I must of wound that manos in a ball for you, I alway wrap the tag on that way!

Vaedri said...

You absolutely did! The day I bought my swift and ball winder and you showed me how to use them.

Love love love them. So fun. :)