Monday, January 08, 2007

New Toys

Oh, man, I'm stupid sometimes. For the past few weeks, I was occasionally checking StatCounter, and was a little disappointed that it appeared no one had visited my blog since October or so. And was also confused, because I know that that's not true. It finally dawned on me that when I made the switch over to Google's Blogger Beta, I did not put the code back in for the tracking magic doohickey.


Anyway, things are getting back in line, and life is returning to normal - kind of. Well, except for work, where we are undergoing renovations, so there are days full of packing things into boxes, unpacking boxes, moving furniture, inhaling paint fumes, digging to find the coffee, and yelling into the phone over drills and hammers. It's lovely. But at least now my office is a nice blue colour, rather than an old, tired, pasty pink colour.

Things at home are going okay - I finally took down my few, meager Christmas decorations yesterday. It's much easier to put them away when you don't put much up. I think I was a couple of days too late to avoid the bad luck of leaving them up after the twelfth night. Oh, well - I'm sure I'll spill the salt and trip over a black cat soon, and then I'll probably just step in front of a bus and be done with it.

Believe it or not, I really did have some interesting things I wanted to talk about - primarily, my trip to the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre with my mum over the holidays. And I will talk about them, but right now I just want to peel the contacts off my eyeballs, put on my warm, comfy jammies, and then maybe play with my terribly exciting and wonderful new toys!

I picked these up at Lettuce Knit on Saturday. I wasn't home early enough to play with them that night, but Sunday afternoon found me looking for any unwound skeins and making these neat, little cakes that stack so beautifully.

It turned out that I only had three small skeins to wind, so I ended up unwinding balls I'd done by hand, just to play with the gadgets some more. I love the way the swift causes its own little breeze, when it's spinning so fast the yarn is just a blur of colour.

I need to buy more yarn, just to wind it, I think. This - THIS is how baby stashes grow out of control!

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