Sunday, June 11, 2006

I Love Short Projects

Katja (Modelled by Mozart)Would it be wrong to consider having a child only for the modelling services?

This was such a fun project - and fast.

Katja from the back
So now the whole lot of stuff is ready to go. I have the jacket and hat, this pretty little halter, and some of the children's books that are a must for every kid, including Goodnight Moon and The Paperbag Princess.

I love shopping for other people's babies.


Rachel said...

SO CUTE. The yarn makes me think of jello. Or popsicles. Great job. Love that the teddy bear was chillin' on the balcony today.

karate said...

Holy crap that's cute!!

I love that you're sending kids books - I read both of those for my children's lit class!