Friday, June 09, 2006

Completion and Weirdness

bear jacket

Finally. The baby jacket is done. And I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out. There are several small errors, and I’m not entirely happy with the sewn seams, but overall, it looks pretty good.

I couldn’t use the usual model for this, unfortunately. For one, I’d hate to see the resulting injuries from trying to get a jacket on him, and secondly, it’s probably a bad idea to coat this in cat fur before shipping it off.

I was worried that the jacket would be small enough to be worn in the first couple of months. Worried, because those first couple of months are going to be July and August. But it turned out quite a bit larger than I was expecting (I have no concept of real life baby sizes), so it should fit during the time when it’s most needed. I hope.

But now I’m itching to make something summery, and I may just succumb to the allure of Katja, from It’s charming, and pretty, and involves a few techniques that are new to me, (provisional crochet cast-on? Wha?) so it means I get to learn something new. And, um, shop. Some more. I swear – more than half of my passion for new crafts and hobbies comes from the shopping opportunities. I was heavily into scrapbooking until I had all the tools I was interested in (or could afford) and then dropped it.

I’m hoping that the same doesn’t happen with my knitting. I do think it’s less likely, though, because most of the tools and toys are pretty inexpensive individually. The real danger is the yarn. So many beautiful materials and colours and stores and websites. So much potential for spending money.

In other news, my drive to work has been pretty interesting lately. Earlier this week, I saw a large inground pool liner travelling down the QEW, taking up two lanes and a good length of road, as well, with its “Wide Load” sign bearing truck convoy. Sadly, I was ahead of the convoy, and couldn't get any good pictures. I tried. Believe me.

And now there’s this.

Highway Fish

We saw it for the first time yesterday morning, on the way to work. “Is that a fish sticking out of that hole?” “I… think so.” We were running late, so we couldn’t stop to take pictures or examine it more closely at the time, but were determined to do so on the way home.

Highway Fish

Thankfully, on closer inspection, it turns out to be a fake fish, made of fabric. Now, I don’t know that that makes it any less weird, but at least it’s less smelly.

Highway Fish


Rachel said...

I don't know what to say about the fish. That is so weird. And the jacket looks great!

Kirst said...

Thanks! I finished the hat tonight, so it looks like I got through the whole set without breaking my brain.

I don't know what to say about the fish, either. It was gone today on the way home.

Erin said...

Gotta love the fish. Random weirdness in a day is a good thing.

The jacket is great. Love the model, too!