Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Tonight was nice. Jen invited me to her house for dinner after work. Car pooling has so many advantages! So she showed me how she makes her yummy curry shrimp, Eddy made rice and bok choi and I got to play with the dog. How's that for a night out?

But the dessert was the best part. Jen and I went to Dairy Cream on Lakeshore, and had some really, really good ice cream (mine had coconut and pineapple on top) and then people watched for well over an hour. We mocked the women tottering along in cheap three inch heels and sleeveless shirts, trying hard not to look cold. We discussed our mutual dislike of the shoes with wheels in them and how they make grocery stores hazardous. We criticized the girls wearing inappropriately coloured bra straps and dresses tucked into their jeans. (what?)

We were also doing our best to unobtrusively (read: totally obviously and pathetically like 12 year old girls) watch the group of very tall, very well armed policemen who came in shortly after us and lounged within our sights for quite some time. With guns strapped to their right thigh and stun guns strapped to their left, and vests strapped to their chests above the Batman-like belts full of handcuffs and whatnot. Fun. We only left when they finally packed themselves back into their shiny black van and left for whereabouts unknown. Then we went to Dollarama and I bought all kinds of goofy pens and pencils for no really good reason. (I'll get some pictures soon, probably)

It's such a different night from what I'm used to that I'm not sure that I know what to do with myself. I am used to going home and being alone until I'm back at work the next day. I think I like some socializing.

Even if it does mean no knitting gets done tonight.

But it does make me think about part of the reason that I would hesitate to stay with the family that I lived with last summer. It was a lot of fun, but I got used to coming 'home' and eating with and being with other people. Having someone to talk to, or even just hearing someone else in the house. The crash that comes when it's time for me to leave for the last time and go back to my own place is a bit hard to take. It happened after my summer in Calgary and when I moved to Dunnville, and hit me really hard when it came time to leave Caledonia last fall.

Yes, I need my alone time, and maybe even more of it than other people do. But (and it pains me to admit it) I do need other people, too. Sometimes. But I have to wonder if having that for a short time is worth the pain of losing it again.

I should go to bed before I become any less coherent.

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