Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Don't Take Enough Pictures

Sonya, Mum and Dad
Last weekend, my parents and their friend, Sonya came to visit, and we had a TO weekend. This might seem like not such a great picture, but with this bunch, I was lucky to get them all looking at the camera at the same time, never mind trying to find a moment when one of them isn't talking. It was noisy weekend. (Love you!) Saturday morning we were took the GO to Union Station and walked down to St. Lawrence Market. We had wonderful weather for our day, and I didn’t take nearly enough pictures. For example, as we approached the market, the first thing we saw was a bunch of women all dressed in wedding gowns, handing out flyers. Now, really – wouldn’t a picture of that be great?
Flowers in the park behind the Flatiron Building

Clearly, I need to take more pictures.The back of the Flatiron Building

Aside from my houseguests and all the shopping that happens when you’re entertaining people who like to shop, I’ve been doing lots and lots of knitting lately. And I realise that I haven’t really been keeping my little progress bars updated, or sharing what I’m working on. So, here you go:

Here are my three big projects. First, on the left is an afghan that I started a while back. I haven’t done much work on it recently. I’m finding that creating a warm, squishy blanket is great in the winter, but not really what I want to be doing when it’s warm and sunny out. Plus, I’m hating the yarn. What looked like a nice, neutral beige-ish boucle has turned out to make a blanket that looks like it’s being knit from dog fur yarn.
Dog fur blanket, baby shawl, baby jacket
Life Lesson #1: Don’t buy “Mill Ends” of “100% Unknown Material” from Walmart. (You’d think I wouldn’t have to learn that, but there you go.)

So I think what I’m going to do now is rip all that mangy dog coloured section back and get either more of that nice blue, or find a contrasting colour in a real boucle, and not something made from what was probably left in someone's dog brush.

The second item there might look familiar. It’s another of the baby shawls. I have a particular baby in mind, I think, but I’m also making it because it’s a fun pattern, right up to the end, where I would rather rip out my hair than do another repeat of the border section. Fun!

And the third is really what I’m spending most of my time on. It’s a little baby jacket that I’m making for my cousin’s baby. I think I like making little baby clothes. It’s very rewarding to sit down for a couple of hours, and see actual progress. And it’s a good first real ‘clothing item’.

The one thing I forgot to put in the picture is my second clapotis. I’m doing a new one in a turquoise colour that should be able to ‘go’ with more of what I wear, unlike the bright pink and green one that has limited wearability.

The only one with a real deadline is the baby sweater – due date is in five weeks. As for the baby shawl/blanket, I think I’ve already missed the birth, since I’m kind of out of touch with those particular friends, beyond Christmas cards.

But now that I’m a knitter, I’m jumping on any and every opportunity to knit teeny tiny little things. So let me know if you’re making any plans. Really.

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Rachel said...

You got a picture of the Flatiron building. That's pretty cool.

And thanks for the life lesson. It seems like an important one. :)