Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am sheep. Baa.

I AM: procrastinating.
I WANT: too many things.
I WISH: often.
I HATE: feeling foolish.
I MISS: my family often.
I HEAR: typing, music, 'good morning's flung at me from the hallway.
I WONDER: what prank my coworker is planning.
I REGRET: more than I want to.
I AM NOT: going to finish this coffee, because it tastes funny.
I DANCE: rarely and only when alone or drunk.
I SING: a lot and loudly - and often off-key.
I CRY: so much more than I used to.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: knitting that is hopefully beautiful and loved.
I WRITE: haphazardly.
I CONFUSE: people sometimes.
I NEED: cereal.
I SHOULD: walk more.
I START: my day not quite early enough to do things before work.
I FINISH: projects not every time.
I TAG: anyone else looking for a reason to put off working.

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