Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Sprouts

The cat thermometer tells me that its a bit hot here today.

On the positive side, my poor little balcony-bound tomato plants are loving the warm weather, as long as I keep remembering to water them on those days we aren't blessed with an afternoon rainstorm.  I even have my first wee tomato.

Tomato scale

There really is a tomato there!  See?

Wee tomato

So far, it's the only one, but I have hopes for those little yellow blossoms.

Other areas of my little urban garden are producing crops, too.  The basil patch seems to have sprouted a giraffe.

This is the Giraffe (rav link) pattern from Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson.

Giraffe face

He is a cutie.  I think my favourite part are the little horns, complete with pom-pom toppers.
Giraffe back

The yarn is Peer Gynt, in giraffe-perfect colours.  Aside from the yarn substtitution, I made no pattern modifications.  This is the second creature I've made from this book.  The first was this little guy.

Baby Bear hanging out
He was also a lot of fun to knit up, and has since moved to Calgary to be best friends with a new little girl named Kathleen.


Imene said...

The Giraffe is adorable. My son has been looking at it and said he wanted one!

zilamonster said...

I have to second the first comment- the giraffe is adorable and perfect; great job! Also am in love with your tomato picture...