Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Past Few Days

I'm playing catch-up again, but it's not so bad this time.  Only a few days have passed since the last batch upload of my 365 pictures.  Which, by the way, the Flickr uploader makes a lot easier.  (except when it doesn't work and won't put your pictures into their sets like it's supposed to)



Wednesday was another Knit Night in Burlington, where we and our matching knitting accessories gather to debate which of the cheesecakes and tarts are the best of the night's pickings.

Vivian is at the fun part of her Clapotis, and shared the dropping of several stitches with us.

Clapotis stitches

Thursday was not an exciting day, but local strawberries make any day special.


Saturday the GTA was hit with a very dramatic thunderstorm.  I love a good storm, and this one was a doozy. 


Just when it seemed the storm had passed, I heard a 'fwump' and saw a flash outside the window.  Lightning had struck a tree across the street, bringing down a smallish branch.  I snapped a quick picture on my walk to the yarn store, where I was meeting up with Wendi,


And finally gave in and brought home the skein of sock yarn that's been calling to me for weeks now.


Overall, not a bad few days.

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vivian said...

Pretty new yarn! Reminds me of bubble gum ice cream.