Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunset Number One

We're surreptitiously using wifi from an unknown source, so I won't upload all the pictures I'm taking until I get home, but here's a taste of our first evening here.

Saturday Sunset

We're in the Kawarthas this year, and it's lovely so far. We drove in through the rain, but it cleared up a bit later. Today's been a bit overcast, and we're waiting out a thunderstorm right now, but before then, it was nice enough for a quick dip in the lake.

Happy Sunday!


canuckknits said...

Looks great! Have a super time!
Kirsty - with a "y"!

Beth with a B said...

OHOH!!! Where in the Kawarthas? I'm going to be in the Kawarthas next weekend! Get your rear to the Kawartha Dairy nearest you ASAP!!! We patronize the Bobcaygen one, but there are outlets all over.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Just Breathtaking!!

And wow! Love the Noro socks on the last post!! Just perfect :)