Sunday, October 21, 2007

Coupling Accompli!

That's... kind of dirty-sounding. Anyway.

One Christmas present down, many to go. But now is the time to revel in an FO!

Here are the Coupling socks, knit for my friend Jen.

I'm really pleased with these. As usual, they had a few false starts. I initially was going to make a pair of Widdershins, but I thought they were turning out with a boxy shape that I didn't care for. However, I did love the look of the toe.

So when I chose to cast on Coupling, I used that same toe, which uses Judy's Magic Cast On. This gives a really neat, clean, well-shaped toe.

The other change I made was to knit these on dpns - the pattern gives instructions for knitting on two circulars. I do not have two circulars in the necessary size, and so it was basically laziness that caused me to go with my trusty dpns. I used a suspended bind-off on the first sock, to try something new. I wasn't happy with it; it was pretty tight, and if they were my socks, they'd be uncomfortable. Jen has a slimmer calf, so they should be just fine on her. But for the second sock, I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn cast-off. I've used it in the past, and it really does give a nice, stretchy finish.

Yarn: This is superwash merino from SunnysideEllen on Etsy, colour cranberry. It's lovely, smooshy yarn, and the socks should be comfy to wear.

These socks also helped me during my last work trip. I sat in a window seat, with a rather corpulent seat mate. My own somewhat generous proportions contributed to almost uncomfortably tight quarters. I pulled out my sock, on its many needles, and got to it. The seatmate suddenly decided he'd really rather have a window seat of his own and left me plenty of elbow space.

I love knitting.


JRS said...

Those look great! I've been thinking of making that pattern for a while...I'll definitely have to get to it!

evilsciencechick said...

heehee! I read your title and thought - hey, she must have gotten lucky!

oh well, the socks are just as good. VERY pretty. I might have to end that to my queue :)

kmkat said...

Yay for defending your space with dpns!

Elizabeth said...

Very nice pattern!
I'd say you are ahead of the game, it still being October and you've got Christmas knitting started. I'm going to be back for all the toe-up links!

Kirsty said...

Great looking socks--and a great color too!