Monday, April 23, 2007


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Lots has been happening. I have not been writing about it. Part of the reason for my absence is due to my working through an addiction to the old Nintendo games like Boulder Dash and Super Mario Bros., which have been rediscovered on

And another part of the reason has been a general lack of inspiration. Maybe the long, cold, dull, boring, bleak winter finally sucked all of the creativity and words out of me.

As you can see, there has been lots going on. I've met some brand new people in Cody and Emily. I've been to the dog park and frolicked with the beagles and collies and Jindos (oh, my). I've been down to Windsor more than once and celebrated the nearing of the end of chemo for my mum, while trying to help her get through the worst of the neupogen, and laughing with her at her wigs and challenges. I've taught someone to knit (mwa ha ha indeed) and had lots of opptunities to be silly and lazy and taken advantage of all of them.

This past weekend was abso-friggin-lutely amazingly wonderful. It was sunny and warm, and breezy and forced me out the door. I wandered Port Credit, and sat by the river and listened to Cast-On and worked on my real sock attempt, in yarn I like.

This yarn I got from Juno a while back. I'm knitting this using Wendy's toe-up sock pattern. The idea of a knitting a sock from the toe up just seems so logical and orderly that it appeals to the Scottish (cheap) engineer (methodical) in me. I can make the socks as tall as possible, without running out of yarn, and using every last inch.

I came out of the park with the toe of the sock completed, caught up on my podcasts, and the first sunburn of the season.

Winter is dead. Long live spring!


charlotte said...

Okay, I have to ask. How do you make sure that both the socks are the same height? I mean, you could guess how much yarn you should use on the one sock - but what happens on the second sock? It could end up shorter or if you made it the same size, then you would have leftover yarn? :) Or do you use the yarn from both ends and see where you get to in the middle:)

Vaedri said...

My plan is to divide the yarn exactly in two (I'll use an analytical scale at work) and then knit each sock using the same amount of yarn. In theory, this should give me socks of the same height. I think. I've never made a second sock. I'll let you know. ;)

Charlotte said...

I knew that I could rely on you to have a good system. But what do those with analytical scales at work do? (I wonder if I justify buying it for the library???) I eagerly await to see the two complete socks:)