Thursday, September 14, 2006


So. An update.

Things have changed again. And again and again.

After the emotional roller coaster that has been the past two months, it looks like I finally know where I will end up. And that's about 30 feet away from where I started.

Yep. I'm staying at the same place. This is making me feel kind of like I was handed a chance to really try something new and see what else is out there and try to find my passion, and, instead, I took the chicken way out and took a job that walked up and bit me.

But the truth is that this job is something new and different and it's something that I was thinking about getting into anyway, it's with a new company and I have a new boss and a completely new set of responsibilities. So it isn't just a matter of my being lazy and frightened.


In other news, I am getting ready to head out to Newfoundland tomorrow morning, and feeling better about the cost of a flight etc. now that I have an income again. Tonight, I'm tidying the house and packing my suitcase and trying to make sure I remove every stick of chapstick and concealer from anything I'm not checking. I hope to come back with lots and lots of amazing pictures and maybe a few good stories.

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