Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend in Port Credit

This is why I love Port Credit. I was driving along Lakeshore, when I heard music and noticed this.

Port Credit art show

It's an art show in the marina. This little guy was dancing to the music of a very loud - and fortunately good - band set up in the shade. There were about 30 booths set up, with paintings and photographs for sale. And there was some lovely stuff. I would have liked to take pictures, but figured people might not appreciate my taking pictures of their pictures. Yeah.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to walk about in the blazing sun, in hopes of improving my corpse-like pallor. But thanks to these good ol' Scottish genes (thanks Mum and Dad) I remain as pasty white as ever. My hope is that by the end of the summer, I achieve a shade that stops people from either snickering with amusement or gasping in concern for my health any time I bare my legs. Right now, though, I do tend to make other people feel better. Anyone who stands near me looks rosy and sun kissed.

In yarn-related news, there is none. I have three projects on the needles, but each of them is a project that I've already done at least once. I'm working on a log cabin blanket, a baby blanket, and my second clapotis. Things are getting very, very boring, causing me to feel less and less desire to pick up the needles. In hopes of recapturing a muse or two, I'm looking at a few different patterns and yarns. I've been longingly visiting White Lies Designs for months now, trying to pick out a good pattern to start with. I think I've finally chosen the Angelina jacket. I also picked up Big Girl Knits during a moment of weakness at Indigo, and joined a Big Girl knitalong in a Yahoo group. Though I don't know yet if I'll cast on the project (the Boobalicious tank) along with everyone else.

I also have yet to master the sock, so I'm considering tackling a basic sock recipe. But try as I might, the dpns continue to fight me like a pointy, angry spider, so I'd like to get some teeny circulars and try out magic loop or two circulars, rather than risk more puncture wounds.

Until then, I must persevere with the duplicate patterns. Maybe I can rediscover the thrill if I actually achieve a FO.

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Elizabeth said...

I am Magic Looping my way for the first time on a project. At first go I thought it was a nightmare but I got the hang of it and am whipping along now. "Whipping along" being relative in the 35'C heat.