Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Things that smell: dumps, me after being in a dump all morning.

Wow. You understand that there's a lot of garbage in the world, but until you're actually standing next to a mountain of cardboard that is being reordered by an enormous bulldozer, you just don't get it.

It was also quite disturbing to see how close the dump was to Lake Ontario. REALLY close. A door was open at the back, and looking through it, you could see that the lake started just a few feet away. A beautiful view of downtown Toronto and Centre Island, mind you. But the smell kind of distracted from the view.

I've spent the rest of the day watching my stats from the photoshop contest. I was ninth out of 71 at one point, which I was very happy about, considering this is my first entry. I may be hooked. I'm trying to be inspired by the next image up for 'shopping. Inspiring inspiration doesn't work so well.

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