Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's back! It's bigger and better!

No, it's just back.

I've been thinking about getting more involved with photoshop fun. I've been spending a lot of time at www.worth1000.com, and I actually became so bold last night as to put in a submission in one of the beginner contests. Then I had nightmares about how everyone would tell me how I did things poorly or incorrectly and that I wasn't good enough to submit any more entries and could I please just leave.

And an odd thing I did today - I was so cold at one point today that I couldn't hold my pen to write anymore. Odd, because it's the middle of June in Toronto, and we're having an extreme heat wave. I didn't realise that we'd be working in refrigerated storage when I left the office. But the fun part is tomorrow, when we go and watch them smash the recalled product. Why? Because I wanna see it.

Tonight is Cell, and I'm happy to be seeing everyone again - I ditched too many meetings and now I feel all out-of-the-loop-y again. Doesn't help that people do things like get pregnant and sell their houses when I'm away for a week and no one tells me. Ah, well - my own fault, I suppose. But it's hard to be part of a community when you live 45 minutes away. I need some local friends...

Time to make dinner and then try to figure out the traffic-lightest way to get to Hamilton.


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