Monday, February 23, 2004

Today we went on a 'field trip'. We went to the tank farm in Delhi to see how things are done there - not a bad time. It's kind of nice to get out of the plant and see other things with your work people. And tomorrow we're going to Toronto for another field trip - to our glass supplier and the tech centre.

Ain't life a blast?

Anyway, had a good weekend, overall - a couple of friends over Friday evening for pasta, chocolate fondue, and goofing around. Just about all the rest of the weekend was spent on the computer, playing games, and watching tv. Ick. But cheap!

And having people over made me have to give the house at least a cursory cleaning - it's really so much pleasanter now that I can walk in a straight line through the living room, and don't have overflowing garbage cans of junk mail. Must do this more often.

Talking to John on Trillian right now. Nice to catch up - and talking with John is always interesting - an intriguing combination of connection and complete dissociation. My best friend - same sense of humour, lots of inside jokes and all, but he's also one of my friends who seems to dash all over the world. I never know where half these people are. But it's all good - at least I can effectively live vicariously through them - Brussels, Vienna, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mongolia. Man.

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