Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Here's something I should have thought of yesterday - people who are allergic to things should know what those things look like.

I spent some time outside today, pulling these massive weeds out of the front yard. Getting pollen, dirt and other assorted 'outside' detritus on my face, in my clothes, in my hair. Suddenly, and without warning (except that little niggling 'What are you - stupid?' voice in the back of my head) I started suffering the most massive allergy attack of my personal history. Sneezing, eyes pouring years, throat swollen and raw. Luckily, I was wearing contacts, which seem to have prevented my usual worst symptom of itchy-like-hell eyes. After I came inside and recovered for a little while, I looked up what I'd been handling. I was pulling ragweed and carrying it around my yard!

I deserve what I get.

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