Monday, February 09, 2009

365 Days In a Row

So, yeah. It's been forever since I blogged. Again. But I have been busy on the net in another way. I signed up for Project365, a personal challenge on Flickr. I've committed to taking and posting a picture every day for 365 days. In a row.

So far, so good. Not every day is a great pic, but it's been keeping my eyes open, looking for new photo opportunities and new ways of looking at things every day.

The First 30 Days

This little mosaic shows my first 30 days of pictures. Yes, I foresee a lot of fibre and knitting and cat pictures this year. My life is generally just not so fascinating that it earns a picture every day. But I'm learning more about what my camera can do and how I can use Photoshop to fix and enhance. It's a fun personal challenge, and I'm hoping it's something I can stick with right up to New Year's Eve.

I'm enjoying having a little reminder of every day, even if it wasn't a special one.

Today's picture:
I stopped in at Chapters on the way home and bought my first ever self-help book, "What Should I Do With My Life?" by Po Bronson, which comes recommended by a friend. We'll see if I come out knowing what I should be when I grow up. If I grow up. It doesn't seem all that appealing, really.

I may also have picked up Interweave Knits. Maybe. But I resisted the sugar and caffeine trap at the entrance, so I did pretty well.


Charlotte said...

Loving your pics! I am sure you resisted Interweave Knits:) Love Ya!

Rachel B said...

Hey, I know who recommended that book! And, it doesn't really suggest options to you, it just shares stories of people who've found their own way. But through reading theirs, maybe you'll be able to find yours. Or something that doesn't sound so very Oprah. :)

vivian said...

Fun! I might have to try Project365 myself, once I'm getting out of the house more often. Seriously though, what a great way to practice photography on a daily basis.