Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Dead Yet!

But I have been not in a blogging kind of mood for a while. And I'd rather not try to fill space just for the sake of an update, so I've just kind of let the blog rest for a while. Simmer, if you will. (I may have the crockpot in mind.)

I do have all kinds of FOs to share, and a few stories. I've been out of touch in a lot of ways for the past while, and I'm hoping to hoist myself out of the doldrums shortly.

In the meantime, how could I let pass by National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

Not when I have an excellent little photo shoot all prepared.

This first one displays Sebastian's excellent catalog posture. I see two guys in slacks, smiling with their white, white teeth as they point to something off in the distance, while one leans on a the shiny hood of a car.

Sebastian in sweater

This is a little sweater made, not for Sebastian, but for another little cutie. I will post details once the sweater passes by in the FO parade.

You Wish You Could Look This Good

And one more for good measure. This one I call, "I Shall Keel You". Subtitled, "Slowly".
I Shall Keel You

Happy NDUYP Day!


Chelle said...

Love the kitty sweater!!

charlotte said...

Love the sweaters what great pictures to celebrate the fact that I got into ravelry today!!!! WHOOHOO!!

Kirsty said...

Welcome back! The second photo looks like he was really getting into the photo shoot.

Brigitte said...

Good to hear from you! Heh, not a chance I'd get away with that on any of my guys!

Janelle said...

Oh man, that is the cutest ever. I love the last one with the hood up! Your cat is a good sport.

Captain Maybe said...

I think the caption for the middle picture should be something like, 'Go ahead, punk - make my day'.