Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Return of the Fudge

Since high school, every year I used to make fudge. It was my Christmas thing. But every year, I ended up stuck with more and more leftover fudge - pounds of it. So, last year, I decided not to make the fudge, figuring that there are enough sweets around at Christmas that no one would notice or care. So, I was surprised when I mentioned to a friend that I didn't make it last year, and got a very flat, "I noticed" in response.

So, this year, I got all the chocolate and sugar together, and the fudge lives again.

It was also a way to use up some of that 10 lbs of chocolate, that I won in a raffle at work.

Any ideas how to use up the remaining nine and a half pounds?


Rachel Siegel said...

wow....that fudge looks awesome...i'm actually about to make some in the next few days....i always make fudge for the holidays is a great gift....and with the other remaining chocolate...well...u could eat it...or make chocolate cakes and cupcakes...or even chocolate chunk cookies....those are always yummy!!

Rachel said...

Um, you make more fudge. ;) Or, freeze it. Or wrap it up all pretty like and give it as Christmas gifts.